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Excursion to Sosúa

To be honest, although the first week at the Davidoff factory (PTP) in Jicomé was one of the most exciting projects I have ever done in my career, I was looking forward to the weekend. Because: as a „desk seater“ I am simply no longer used to physical work and I was quite exhausted.

Sam and me, happy about our tobacco apprentice project

But there's nothing to complain about: with Sam Reuter, Brand Ambassador and responsible for new developments at Davidoff, I went to the beach in Sosúa. Sam and the team here developed my teaching programme and in Sosúa we toasted it because it is really super and well planned out.

Sosúa is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, after 1.5 hours on bumpy roads you reach it via a ridge from Santiago.

Best fish in town: Restaurant Waterfront

With us was Jean Diederich from Luxembourg, passionate cigar smoker and connoisseur, who led us right into the best fish restaurant of the city, the Waterfront.

Underneath is a small beach that wasn't even crowded yesterday, on Saturday. We ate, smoked and chatted about cigars and life itself for four hours.

Sam and I then went on to another beach that only locals visit, it was very different, but also beautiful. A small bay, on the "promenade" tiny stalls with dishes from the local kitchen. It was lively here (loud Caribbean music), but very authentic.

Playa Charamicos

My Sosúa tips:

Restaurant Waterfront

Dr. Rosen Street,

Calle Sin Salida Playa Alicia


+1 809-571-3024

the small beach below is called "Alicia".

the second beach, with small local restaurants is called "Charamicos".

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25 feb. 2019

Playa Charamicos looks almost like the beach "Uferhaus" 😁😎

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