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Me and the fine motor skills

I've known since elementary school that my fine motor skills aren't the best. I always had the worst grade in handicrafts. My mum had to knit for me secretly at home (Danke sehr, Mami!).

This shortcoming strucked me again in the "Gavilla" department: after an hour I knew how big the bundle had to be, but I had to twist the cord around the bundle and then tie a knot with one hand - even at the end of the day I didn't succeed. I will always need two hands.

I was also briefly allowed to get a taste of the sorting: New tobacco is just arriving and there are great leaves for the binder. It has to be separated from the filler tobaccos. It's fun, but it takes a lot of experience and I was very insecure.

But: it was a happy day, and the workers around me now know a lot about me and me about them:

¡Maravillosas mujeres!

My "jefe" Santiago

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