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Samaná - the Caribbean paradise

The peninsula Samaná is exactly what we imagine in the best case under Caribbean: white long and often empty beaches, palm forests and in many places very original. My location was Santa Barbara de Samaná, because from there the Walwatch tour started.

If I only would go to this wonderful peninsula for nature and beach, I would go all the way to the eastern tip, to Las Galeras - it is a paradise. For a beach trip I was there, at Playa Rincón, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

Local cooking at the western corner of the bay, where also a small river flows into the sea. One gets freshly baked coconut bread.

Local cooking at Playa Rincón

A few tips for - not all-inclusive - trips to Samaná:

Rent a car

- best not a limousine but rather an off-road vehicle, sometimes the roads are very bad with deep potholes

- check where the horn and the hazard warning lights are, check the spare wheel (and if possible know how to change it in an emergency)

- download road map before, there are areas without Internet

- the Dominicans drive wild, but not aggressive; always look ahead and watch out for potholes.


Available from very simple to extremely luxurious

In Santa Barbara e.g. good price-performance ratio (not luxurious but nice)

Nilka Hotel

Super luxury on the Cayo Levantado (this is Bacardi Island!)

Resort Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado



- Playa Rincon! 3 km long, turquoise water and deserted

My favorit bar was at the Malecón of Santa Barbara

- Bar Royal (simple, fresh food, very cheap, sea view, locals are there, friendly staff)

Those who have more time than just a weekend should definitely visit the nature park Los Haitises and swim under the waterfall El Limon.

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