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The Excitement Rises

Only four days left and I will escape from the European winter into the Caribbean sun. Away from the trees without leaves, the windy waterside of the Danube into the lush green and the warmth. I am very happy - but I am also excited and a little bit melancholic, because five weeks away from the beloved ones at home is a long time.

What helps? Yesterday I spoke on the phone with Anny, my local contact, who sounded very funny, energetic and calming - the apartment is ready. Thanks Anny, you really calmed me down.

Then I started to prepare things that I absolutely want and have to take with me. Right now I am listening to music from the Dominican Republic (Romeo Santos, Hector Acosta and Chiquito Team Band) and smoke a nice cigar.

And: I am refreshing my Spanish skills.

Do you have any other music tips from the Dominican Republic?

Tell me!

¡Hasta pronto!

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