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About Me


Hi There!

I love cigars and I love traveling. That’s why I feel kissed by luck for having this job, editor in chief at Cigar Journal. I’ve been involved here since 2004 and have been able to visit the cigar-producing countries again and again. These trips are so nice because I never just go as a tourist but can always spend a lot of time with people who live there. In passing, I learn a lot about the country and the people. I think that traveling awakens, sharpens the senses; at best, encourages more tolerance and openness. It makes you question your own life, the often entrenched attitudes. Many times I’ve come back very grateful when I’ve been in a political system that’s unpleasant, only affects me briefly, but makes life difficult for friends who live there. Or when I’ve seen great poverty and feel the privilege of being able to go back to a world that is very rich. Because it’s only coincidence where we are born on this earth.

And, again and again, I’m happy that the cigar connects the most diverse people, namely in a peaceful, pleasant and relaxed way.

When I’m not traveling, I coordinate from Austria everything that has to do with the print edition of Cigar Journal. And otherwise? I read a lot, like to cook; spend time outdoors with my dog, and as soon as the temperature allows, I jump into any body of water that looks reasonably attractive.

Apart from that, I spend as much time as I can with my friends. And all this especially with a good cigar.

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