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Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2020

Dear blog readers,

you know this for sure - after arrival of a journey there is a lot of work to do at home - so it was with me this time too. Especially Cigar Journal 1/20 had to be finished, which is almost done now. I'm sitting in the office in Klosterneuburg near Vienna and next door Andrea is working, who proofreads, Wolfgang, who does the beautiful layouts and Reinhold, who has to give his final approval.

But: I wanted to tell you three more things from Honduras.

First: I have discovered an ingenious typical Honduran fast food/street food. The food is called Pupusas and is small stuffed flat cakes - either with cheese or with meat. Wonderful! If you come to Honduras - you have to try it.

A second thing I discovered, thanks to my French colleague Thierry, was a Honduran coffee house. There was a narrow corridor leading there, everything was dark inside because it was easier to watch TV that way. On an open fire the kettles were ready with coffee, which was nice and sweet and aromatic. A magical, very special place, fallen out of time.

One of the highlights of my trip was a ride with Maya and her husband Philipp through the capital Tegucigalpa on the last day.

I hope my little film will give you an impression of this city, which is a bit difficult to conquer. With Maya's help it was easy of course - the city has become very dear to my heart.

Tegus, as the locals call their city, is not a beauty at first sight - but it has beautiful, lively corners. You just have to know them or - as I was lucky enough - be shown them.

Tegus is almost 1000 meters high and the river Río Choluteca crosses the Honduran capital.

The cathedral San Miguel Arcangel and the church Los Dolores are worth seeing.

You get a great view of the city from Parque La Leona, an extremely peaceful and idyllic place. In the immediate vicinity there are beautiful old houses.

Those who somehow have the opportunity should conquer this city of the - felt 1000 hills...

See you soon, dear readers, from one of my next trips!

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