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Another brilliant cigar place!

Dear people,

last night I was still in the Cigar Lounge of the Adlon smoking a cigar - my company was wonderful, the cigar too - but from the lounge I would have expected a little more, one associates with the name Adlon but elegance, atmosphere, charm and culture. Exactly what the Noblego Unter den Linden also conveys. The lounge, however, in the hotel itself seems like a poorly treated stepchild; it would take very little to give the room a little more love and warmth.

Neue Nationalgalerie

In the morning I was still – before I visited the next cigar hotspot Berlin – in the newly renovated New National Gallery. Also worth a visit! Once, because the building is a real revelation in its clarity and openness and second to pay tribute to Mies van der Rohe, the architect of the building, because he was a cigar smoker!

I then took the subway to Berlin-Wilmersdorf to StarkeZigarren. Changing trains is not a nuisance at all, because there are beautiful subway stations on this route (Wittenbergplatz, for example) and it's a pleasure to look around.

Arrived at StarkeZigarren, Martin Geisler already greets me; his business-partner and founder of StarkeZigarren, Sebastian Gollas, is currently on the road in Brazil and Peru in search of new treasures for the store. StarkeZigarren is about 120 m2, the walk-in humidor with old stucco about 25 m2. StarkeZigarren have very many and very interesting own imports, even from destinations from which you get rather rare cigars, such as Peru. But of course the humidor also houses all other common brands.

StarkeZigarren was initially strong through online trade, but since 2013 there is the retail store.

The beautiful old building is gently renovated, with much respect for the old stock; a feel-good place in Wilmersdorf. While the back rooms are occupied by the humidor and the tasting smoke, the customer is greeted upon entering by an incredible wide range of spirits. Gin, whiskey, rum, wine...whatever the heart desires. Three times a week the owners organize pairings; in general, knowledge transfer is a great concern of the owners. For example, there is also a cigar tasting kit, which, in addition to the finished cigar, also lets you test the respective tobaccos in pure form. A great idea!

I say goodbye to this great store and just have time to quickly go to one of my favorite stores in Berlin: to Parfumeur Harry Lehmann. Here, your own nose is challenged: not a single scent will tell you anything. They are all own creations and you have to smell through and trust your own taste. From 15 ml you can have your favorite fragrances bottled, everything is weighed exactly on an old apothecary scale. Since 1926, almost 100 years, there is Harry Lehmann already; since the 1950s in Kantstraße. The interior is still original from that time - besides perfume, plastic flowers are sold. I love this store and I love Berlin!

What is still important for me to say: there are other very very good cigar hotspots in Berlin: I will visit them next time!

Unfortunately, the journey ends here, I have to catch the train to Vienna, because all flights are canceled due to strike.

I'm not waiting two years now, I'll be in touch soon, from Brussels or Santiago or Turkey.

See you soon,


Neue Nationalgalerie

Potsdamer Str. 50

10785 Berlin



Pariser Str. 54

10719 Berlin


Harry Lehmann

Kantstraße 106

10627 Berlin


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