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Eyes open!

Slowly but surely I approach the heart of the manufactory - the „Galera“, where the cigars are rolled. But before that, there was an important production stage to get a taste of: binder and wrapper sorting.

Here I had to pay attention to three things:

1. quality

2. colour

3. size

All three criteria are very, very strict in the Davidoff manufactory, the control system is extremely tight and I slowly realize why - when you open a Davidoff cigar box - all cigars in a box are perfectly in the same colour.

During the binder sorting process, leaves that are too small or do not meet the quality criteria are rejected again; they are downgraded to filler tobacco. The same process applies to the wrapper: sorted out leaves can be used as binders.

First I was allowed to sort Habano wrappers, which are used e.g. for the Davidoff Millennium line.

Claro or rojizo? That's the question...

Habano refers to the name of the seed, which gives birth to a wrapper grown in Ecuador (in this case). It is not grown in Cuba.

Here we differentiate between the colour levels "claro" and "rojizo".

One thing was very helpful: two cigars with different coloured wrappers (one claro and one rojizo)lay on my table and I could compare again and again.

Then I sorted Connecticut wrappers - these wrappers are incredibly thin and fine. They serve as "dress" e.g. for Davidoff No.2, 2000 or for the Aniversario line.

My counting work

At the end both binder and wrapper are bundled: Binders of 50 each and wrappers of 25 each.

It was a bit like counting sheep and again I admired the stamina of my colleagues, who do this work every day…and they do it with care and respect for the leaves…

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