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Travel Diary

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Finally here again!

A little over three years ago, I had one of the most intense and exciting times in my career as a cigar journalist here in the Dominican Republic: the four-week apprenticeship in the factory at Davidoff! I came to love and appreciate the country and the people very much, and I missed it.

On Saturday I landed in Punta Cana at night, the flight was diverted from Puerto Plata, which is very inconvenient because it is far away from Santiago de los Caballeros - my actual destination. There I will visit Jochy Blanco and interview him for the upcoming cover story for Cigar Journal 3/22. I am full of anticipation!

Anyway, I took the opportunity to spend a day and a night in the capital, Santo Domingo - which I did not know yet.

My hotel - a former Beguine convent (all those who know me are laughing now, I know, the Beguines stand for an abstemious and sparse lifestyle....) is beautiful, just like the old town from the colonial era.

In the evening I wanted to go to the Arturo Fuente Lounge, which was unfortunately closed, so I drifted through the neighborhood to the port. Everywhere there are small cigar stores with house brands and a few well-known Dominican manufacturers; sometimes cigars are rolled on site and cigar smoking is allowed everywhere and many locals you see smoking. A wonderful feeling, we are accepted here, even welcome. In the Spanish cultural center I stumble into a handicraft market and look: cigars are also sold. Exactly! It is a handicraft.

Immediately on arrival a little chatted about cigars - one of the cigar stores on Calle Duarte - Clasico Cigar.

I ate in a very good vegetarian restaurant, which also create great cocktails, called Time.

This morning, at the malécon I discovered an Italian restaurant and got a really good espresso - with a view of the Caribbean Sea and a cigar from here, a Santa Domenica, which was just right for the time and the breeze.

M7, where I got a good espresso and smoked the morning cigar.


El Beaterio Guest House

C. Duarte 8

Santo Domingo 10210

(809) 687-8657

Time Creative Vegetarian Kitchen

C. Padre Billini Santo Domingo 10210

(809) 299-7533

M7 (Italian restaurant)

Paseo Presidente Billini #7

Santo Domingo 10210

(809) 682-3678

Later it's on to Santiago - see you soon from there from the Tabacalera Palma!

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May 17, 2022

Safe travels, Katja. I wish you lots of fun and good experiences. My regards to Jochy - I am looking forward to see both of you in Dortmund in September - Angelika

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