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Funny sayings, Metropolis and the King of the Rings

Dear ones,

here a little movie and a few words about the second NYC day.

I am an advocate of crossing the city on foot, especially if you do not know it well. I find that's the best way to capture and inhale the vibe of the place.

So, here's a little secret on the side: I love walking barefoot for my life, it makes me feel the best. Of course, I thought so far, since goes only at home and only at warmer temperatures, so never in the city. Barefoot shoes did not allow my vanity. But what can I tell you? I knew it would be at least here 10 km daily and in fact I have thrown vanity overboard and bought barefoot shoes. IT IS WONDERFUL!

On day 1 I still had (I want to be cool) other sneakers in the backpack, but even those have become victims of convenience, I want to carry as little as possible. Also not be surprised if you see duck-like fins on my feet. Now we have clarified.😉😁

On the first day we zigzagged from Battery Park to the height of Soho and that's about where we start on day two. From Union Square we stroll up the Broadway, discover a funny crockery store with ingenious advertising slogans, linger again and again at one of the tables with chairs (great in this city - no matter where, everywhere there are nice seats) and keep the Empire State Buliding in the eye - until the neck stiffness.

At Time Square it gets pretty crowded and I have to think of Oscar Hammerstein: he has made money through many patents in the cigar business and as a producer (immigrated from Germany) and has invested a lot of money in the theater culture in new York. Without him, Time Square (then called Longacre Square) might not exist. Thanks by the way to Andy and Arnd who shared this knowledge with me in time. Greetings from afar!

At Rockefeller Center we decide to cross the building once from the inside and as soon as this skyscraper has swallowed me, I have the feeling to walk through the scenery of Metropolis.

In Central Park we rest and then already have to take an Uber to Syosset, where Robert Glick of Art de Fumar and his wife Roberta are waiting for us. Now I know what rush hour really means....😉

We are warmly welcomed and Robert shows us his works of art, which he creates with cigar rings.

Unbelievable! What precision, patience, passion, what an eye the man has. For me he is the king of rings! I do not want to tell you too much, but I will report on him in the Cigar Journal 3/2023. Robert and Roberta invite us - after we have tasted Robert's cigars called Kinship, which first of all taste wonderful and secondly, of course, have a beautiful ring - to a super steakhouse.

And yes - this day was also just great.



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