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Independence Day

Today is here, in the Dominican Republic a holiday, the "Día de la Independencia".

On 27 February 1844, Santo Domingo separated from Haiti and became independent of the Spanish crown. The country gave itself the name Dominican Republic.

A friend of mine shared this video with me today that I also want to share with you.

Because: the Dominicans can be really proud of their country.

Not only on their breathtaking nature, their cheerfulness and openness - there is also a lot going on in terms of their standard of living.

For example, child labor up to the age of 18 is forbidden. Bravo! Where can you find such a thing?

Sure, not everything is pink here...nowhere. We have problems everywhere or create new ones. We, all over, can and must do many things better...

But today: a happy holiday to all Dominicans!

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