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Noblego Unter den Linden

Aktualisiert: 22. März 2022

Dear all,

so from Potsdamer Platz I walk to the just newly opened Noblego Unter den Linden; I am very excited, the photos looked great.

On the way I see a piece of the Berlin Wall - and with the next cigar smoke I will send a wish towards heaven: namely that in view of what is happening right now, hopefully never again such a wall will be erected between West and East.

Just before the Brandenburg Tor is the Holocaust Memorial by Eisenman; I think it's ingenious, it's a labyrinth, you get from brightness to the darkest corners - an impressive symbol of the hell that was done to the Jews by the Nazi genocide. May that never happen again either.

Berlin is simply full of history at every turn.

Noblego Unter den Linden

In front of the Brandenburg Tor the Pariser Platz opens up and there is already the legendary Hotel Adlon, where Noblego Unter den Linden has found a top accommodation.

Noblego is known to many of us for a long time as a super online platform for ordering cigars; now there is also a "shop window" - and what a one!

Set up by the architects of "Studio Freitag", it is strongly based on the famous Viennese Loos Bar - a tribute to the great Viennese architect Adolf Loos, a pioneer of modern architecture. The tiny rooms appear much larger and airier through reflections and material than they really are; the store is elegant, yet transmits warmth.

The advice is top notch, real connoisseurs work here. The specialists (I had the pleasure to meet Georg Weber, thanks for the time!) around manager Armin Sachs are friendly and very pleasant.

In the store there are some specialties, among others from Fuente Opus X, Oliva, Henk, Davidoff, Habanos....

One floor down, in the treasure chamber, there are then again the specialties of the specialties - you just have to come by yourself.

Spirits expert Jürgen Deibel had a free hand in selecting the spirits Noblego sells here: they are simply his favorite spirits to go with the cigar.

I take a little breather in the Poltrona Frau cigar chair - the classic is over 100 years old (1919) and so comfortable that I don't really want to get up.

A classic: Cigar Chair by Poltrona Frau from 1919

Another highlight of the store: humidor expert Marc André has ensured the perfect storage, not only in the treasure chamber on the lower floor, but in every single drawer and display case.

Conclusion: the Noblego Unter den Linden alone makes Berlin worth the trip. The store is a well thought out overall experience of cigars, spirits and architecture. With top advice. Everything here is cast from the same mold.


Noblego Unter den Linden

Hotel Adlon

Under the lime trees 77

10117 Berlin

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday, 10:30-13:30 and 14:00-18:30

See you later, we'll see you again at the next cigar hotspot!

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