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Santiago de los Caballeros - love at second sight

Now I have been living in Santiago de los Caballeros for over four weeks, have to say goodbye to this city tomorrow and it is high time to tell a little about this place.

Santiago has no typical centre in colonial style - maybe that's why it takes a little longer until a stranger gets to know the charm of this city of almost 600.000 inhabitants.

It is, after the capital Santo Domingo, the second largest city of the country and lies in the Cibao Valley, which is very fertile.

Historically, the city has suffered a lot: Earthquakes, lootings, fires, wars...therefore there is today probably no more old town centre. But scattered over several blocks below the monument, the landmark of the city and built by dictator Trujillo, you can still see many old wooden houses. Here, the city is also the busiest everywhere, Caribbean music drones, so that the walls shake. But Santo Domingo is much louder, says my friend Miguel...

The best thing is to throw yourself into this turmoil and walk through the streets: the sights are morbidly beautiful and by the way you see world class graffiti! You should drink an aperitif in this corner at Dao Al Pecao - the small car-free Calle Benito Monicón is worth a visit at all: cool, rather quiet bars can be found right here and some art galleries.

Near the monument there are also many bars (the wilder ones), also the view to the city is great. Most shops are located in the Calle del Sol downhill and around this street. The park in front of the cathedral is beautiful, and the Fortaleza San Luis from the 19th century is worth seeing. It houses a museum of military history.

Please also don't forget to visit the Centro Léon (see blog of March 10th), here one gets really deeply into the culture and history of the island.

What do I love about Santiago? The great graffitis (Graffiti - the frescoes of our time that tell us a lot about the lives of people here and now), the cheerful music everywhere, the good food, the relaxed people, the varied, often surprising views and the wind that always blows through here.

Here are my favourite addresses:


El Tablon Latino

Calle Del Sol 12

very good Dominican cuisine

La Taberna de Pepe

Calle Mauricio Alvarez 6

very fine cuisine and great wine cellar

Saga Restaurant & Cigar Club

24, Av Benito Juarez

typical country cuisine but also international, very good meat and great wines

Camp David Ranch

Carretera Luperon km 7 1/2, Gurabo

the restaurant (there is also a hotel) is located high above the city on the hill, the view is great, the food is very good


Dao al Pecao

Calle Benito Moncion 41

quiet, cool furnished, good atmosphere

Mar y Fuego (also a good restaurant)

Lic. Agustin Acevedo

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