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School lesson with Eladio Diaz

I have to say: I was excited and felt a bit on the test bench. Who has the opportunity to do a test seminar with one of the most famous master blender’s in the world in private?

Will my sense of taste let me down, will I say stupid things?

Davidoff Head-Master blender Eladio Diaz didn't even give me the feeling that it was a kind of exam.

We met at 9am in his office and tested four cigars, calmly and chatting. The aim was to taste the individual tobacco and its characteristics and then to taste a complete blend with the fourth cigar.

Patricia, my combatant and the person who organized all the big and small, thing for me, here

To explain: The cigars all consisted of one single tobacco variety, except the wrapper, which was for all three cigars a Connecticut seed from Ecuador.

Cigar 1: consisted of pure Olor tobacco.

Olor tobacco is a native Dominican tobacco, it tastes salty, it is very special, it reminded me of salt peanuts. All Davidoff Core brands have Olor leaves in their blends, it is a kind of guideline through these lines. It gives them that special something, that certain touch. The sides of my palate have been stimulated.

And Pedro, Operation manager at Tabadom, and who elaborated all my lessons here - so well done!

Cigar 2: only San Vicente tobacco

This tobacco gives the cigar its sour component, that was quite clearly to be tasted out. A sweetish touch was added, slightly floral (probably the Connecticut wrapper). Overall, this cigar already had more body and again the lateral palate became rigidly stimulated, but further back.

Cigar 3: crafted with Piloto tobacco

This cigar tasted much stronger, earthier, leathery and could almost pass as a finished cigar.

But: because I smoked the other two tobaccos shortly before, I definitely missed salt and acid.

An incredible experience!

Eladio says with a smile: "The interplay of different tobaccos is comparable to the functioning of an orchestra".

He is absolutely right!

Cigar 4: the finished blend

The palate is stimulated all around and I am thrilled. No wonder how I experience it: it is the mixture of the Davidoff Grand Cru No.3.

It was a unique experience that I can only recommend to anyone who has the opportunity. I hope this training will have a lasting effect on me.

Thank you Eladio, it was fun and a very valuable experience!

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