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The city that gets me drunk....

Dear people,

here I am again, reporting from a very exciting trip. I've been in NYC since the night before yesterday; I don't know the city well, but it exhilarates me and draws me in like no other. I can not stop looking and photographing. Sorry if therefore the films may be too long.

We live in Williamsburg, a totally hip nice neighborhood - however, I raise the age average significantly. 😁

Yesterday we took a ferry across the East River to the Financial District - something you should definitely do because you can see a lot, sit in the warm and even have a coffee: Riding a ferry in NYC. Download the NCY Ferry app in advance and you're ready to go. We were not fast enough with the download and were allowed to ride for free. So, so nice! In general, I find the New Yorkers as extremely friendly and relaxed.

From Battery Park we had then a 10 km walk through Lower Manhattan to Soho. The highlight was the area around the former Twin Towers; the memorial touched me deeply. It is not to be depicted on photos and films, you have to have seen it with your own eyes... like two footprints the outline of the Towers can be seen, water flowing into the depths, unrecognizable how deep this maw is - and with it comes the sadness and horror. Around these former floor plans are engraved all the names of those killed.

Further impressing was of course the new tower, also not to be put into words and ingenious: the Phoenix from the Ashes of Santiago Calatrava. A brilliant idea...

In the late afternoon, I was finally able to meet Romy and Fouad Kashouty from Hiram & Solomon Cigars; so far I had only written messages with Romy - and we got along and enjoyed ourselves even better than already via social media.

Our meeting place was the legendary Club Macanudo - the cigar menu is breathtaking; I felt a bit like a kid in a toy store - I could hardly decide what to choose.

See you tomorrow dear ones!


Club Macanudo

26 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10065

NYC Ferry

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