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Travel Diary

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The first day...

... began immediately well: still in the darkness I waited for Marleny, a Tabadom employee - who took me to Villa Gonazlez, chatting happily. There a whole planning team welcomed me and we discussed how it would be the best to organize the coming days.

Manuel Peralta showing me the female and male part of a tobacco flower

Since I will be working in the fields of Jicomé starting tomorrow, Davidoff chief agronomist Manuel Peralta gave me an overview of the facility and already deep insights into the secrets of his arts - always his "magic book" was with him, where all important notes on the seed crossings and developments of the plants are noted. One capsule contains about 1500 tobacco seeds...

From tomorrow the journey from "Origen" begins step by step for me (in the fields) - I am happy, but have also respect, because I have seen today that for each stage a lot of knowledge is asked and I am an absolute newcomer.

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