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Two left hands

What everything begins with is a seed....and so does one of the most beautiful things in the world: the cigar.

Here, at Tabadom, I have the opportunity to go through all the steps of cigar production, and - very smart - my teachers showed me at the beginning how sowing works.

10 days later...

A bed with soil is laid out, tobacco seeds mixed with ash so that you can see where you have sown, then the bed is covered with rice peel so that the grains are not blown away by the wind.

Ten days later the plants sprout, another ten days later the plants are transplanted.

20 days later..

Lupe, my colleague is extremely patient with me and also agronomist Alejandro helps again and again.

two left hands...but Lupe is helping

My first feeling: I have two left hands. The hole for the seedlings is either too deep or too wide and the roots too long...but after an hour I get the hang of it.

Let's see...if "my" seedlings actually take root, or if I find a disaster in a few days. Thanks Lupe and Alejandro, for your patience!

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